Living in the comfort of a first world country, you might not ever even think about the quality of water that you drink on a daily basis. If you don’t usually go for the water that comes out of your tap, then there are a wide range of bottled varieties available on the market. Bottled water is about as healthy as it gets, right? Well, that isn’t always 100% the case! BPA stands for something called Bisphenol A, and it is a chemical that is commonly found in a number of consumer goods, particularly in the bottles that are used to package water. For a variety of reasons, this isn’t great for us humans. Here are some of the many good reasons why you should consider switching to BPA free water.

The Benefits Of BPA Free Water

  1.   Reduced Physical Health Risks

BPA is simply not good for the body, and you should avoid it whenever and wherever you can. Whilst much more research still needs to be completed on the extent of the exact health risks, what we do already know is that BPA has been shown to play a role in lots of nasty health problems, from hormone dependent tumors like breast and prostate cancer, and things like fertility. The chemicals in BPA have been linked in different studies to heart disease, asthma, diabetes and body weight. It is officially described as an ‘endocrine disruptor’ which means that it has the power to interfere with the body’s hormone levels.

  1.   Less Dangerous For Your Brain

BPA has also been cited as being particularly bad for your brain. Over time it can suppress certain genes that result in people more susceptible to neurodevelopmental disorders. Certain studies have also linked BPA to memory loss and a lowered capacity for learning. This is definitely a concern for young children who might be drinking BPA bottled water from a young age.

  1.   Less Damaging for The Environment

Those of you who are eco conscious won’t be surprised to hear that BPA is just as bad for the environment as it is for the human body. The way that the chemicals in the plastic can have negative impacts on the body is replicated in the earth when the bottles are dumped at landfill sites. The chemicals will eventually start to seep out of the plastic to permeate the ground, and in large enough quantities this will lead to the pollution of things like the soil and the local waterways.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Better Water?

So, if you want to learn more about the vast benefits of non BPA water and where you can source it, don’t hesitate to head over to the Urban Oasis website for all the information that you need. This could be the first step towards a change in your daily nutrition that could end up having huge long term benefits for your health. Every little helps, right!?

Bottled water delivery in Los Angeles can be helpful for your business. Your employees don’t need to find the right drinking water to hydrate themselves while they are working. Just choose our water delivery system and we will deliver the drinking water that you need. 

Giving You the Water that Your Employees Need with Bottled Water Delivery in Los Angeles 

Our goal here at Urban Oasis is to deliver clean drinking water that doesn’t taste muddy or earthy. Instead, we get you the water that you want and when you need it. We can deliver the water to your business either weekly or monthly. But you can customize how it will be delivered by simply calling us today. But why choose our bottled water delivery system? 

Avoid the Tap Water Taste 

Most tap water in the US has this certain unpleasant flavor. The taste is geographically specific though. The reason for this is that flavor depends on various factors, like the source of water, construction of pipes, weather, and many others. If your business’ source of drinking water is from a well, it will have that unpleasant flavor. 

Is the Flavor of Tap Water Really That Bad? 

Water taste can be subjective, though. It depends on your specific palate. But most tap water in the US can have that earthy, muddy taste. When tap water tastes like dirt, it can mean that you’re drinking from surface water where bacteria grow and give off geosmin. Unfortunately, the human palate is highly sensitive to geosmin and you can easily detect it even at small concentrations. If the tap water doesn’t taste earthy, it can be metallic or bitter. It’s the result of zinc, manganese, or copper leaching in the water supply. It typically happens if the water has a very low pH causing the metal piece to dissolve into the water supply. Iron and manganese are common in water sources. It’s especially true for groundwater. However, if the tap water has zinc content, it can mean corrosion of galvanized plumbing. 

Does It Taste Like Chlorine? 

Some tap water can taste like the water in a public swimming pool. Chlorine is typically used to treat water as it’s the cheapest option. Fortunately, chlorine in tap water is not harmful, even in high concentrations. But the taste and smell of it can be a true turnoff. If there’s bacterial contamination in the water source, you can expect that the tap water will have a chlorine taste and smell. It’s common in spring because of algal blooms during this season, thereby, increasing bacteria deposits. As a result, the treatment process will include more chlorine for a certain period. 

What Can Urban Oasis Do? 

We can deliver great-tasting water to your home or office. Urban Oasis ensures that you won’t run out of clean drinking water that you need for your employees or kids at home. When you sign up for our bottled water delivery Los Angeles, you can be sure to get BPA-free PET bottles. You may also choose to purchase or rent one of our water dispensing solutions, as well. To know more about what we can offer, please call (213) 427-0320. 


Living in a city that is largely blessed with a healthy water supply in all areas, things like having to choose between bottled water and tap water aren’t usually cases of life and death or health and illness. Of course, you can never be 100% certain that your tap water isn’t contaminated, even if it is to a degree that won’t cause any direct or immediate harm. Some tap water isn’t advisable to drink in certain areas, but on the other end of the spectrum there is ever increasing work and research which argues that BPA water isn’t an ideal solution either. It can be a tough situation to navigate, so with that in mind, is BPA water better than tap water? And what about BPA free water?

  •       When it comes to tap water, in the United States at least, it is a generally safe and convenient source of drinking water for the vast majority of areas and people. In a range of blind tests, tap water frequently gets ranked above bottled water when it comes to taste, and if you want to make it even safer, then the developments in home filtration gadgets and systems have been very impressive over the last decade or so.
  •       When thinking about bottled water, the one thing that is absolutely essential at this point in scientific knowledge is that you try to find options that contain BPA free water. This stands for bisphenol A and it is a chemical that has been used in the making of certain plastics since the 1960s. Modern research has shown that over periods of time, there is a possibility of BPA seeping into the food or beverage that it is holding, therefore contaminating water, and making it a less healthy option.
  •       So when pondering the question is BPA water safer than tap water, the truth is it really comes down to the area that you live in and what the quality of tap water is like. High quality tap water is recommended over contaminated BPA water, but these things are hard to figure out if you are just a normal consumer! Try to ascertain the quality of your tap water from the utility provider.
  •       The simple option to avoid the danger of both of these things is to seek out bottled water that is BPA free. Whether this is via a filter system of your own or through making the extra effort to find bottled water brands that explicitly state they are BPA free, there are various different avenues to take that can end up with you enjoying a safe and tasty water drinking experience.

BPA free waterSo, if you want to be completely certain of water safety in your own life or workplace, then checking out what a company like Urban Oasis has to offer can be a really good place to start. High quality, safe, BPA free water is something that should be accessible to everybody, and Urban Oasis are doing their part to contribute to that and make the world a better place.