Your employees work hard. When they’re at the office or on the job, they want to do a good job for you, their employer. By that same token, you want to do right by them, too. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to help your employees out is to have water delivered to them. The freshest, purest water within arm’s reach can make anyone’s workday that much easier. There are multiple ways that our delivery service can make this come true for you. In this blog, we’ll go over how we offer the alkaline water delivery Los Angeles deserves, as well as some other benefits of what we do.

Our Alkaline Water Delivery Los Angeles Service

Staying hydrated throughout the work day is important, no matter what your job is. After all, you’re human – you need to drink. Sure, you can go a long period of time without drinking water, but after a while, the odds of you being productive aren’t going to be terribly good. That’s where our alkaline water delivery service comes in. We can make sure that you always have the water you need to keep your day going strong right nearby. Relying on the tap is a way to let too many impurities (and worse) into your body. With a water delivery service, you’re in charge of the water you consume throughout the workday.

Water Delivery Saves Time

How many offices have you been in where someone had to make a run for bottled water? Or alternately, how much work in an office where sometimes the employees have to leave to go get quality water? It’s certainly understandable: with all of the hours that you spend at work, you’re going to want the good water. However, the problem is that this can eat up an enormous amount of your time. After all, we live in southern California – it’s not exactly an area that’s easy to drive in. A trip of a mile or two for some pure water can end up taking an hour round trip. Once or twice, it’s an annoyance – consistently, it’s a genuine drain.

Your Water Delivery

Of course, with a water delivery service, all that time is cut out. Now, the water the employees want is delivered right to the office. They don’t have to drive somewhere to get it; they just have to go down the hall. So, now the employees have more time to get done everything they have to get done. Employers love us because it enables their employees to be that much more productive. Employees of companies love us because we give them the water they need within reach, instead of having to go to a store and pay for it. This one of the times when that phrase “win-win” really does apply.

alkaline water delivery Los AngelesHealthy Water for Healthy Living

To be considered among the best water delivery services, being reliable is critical. By that same token, so is making sure that our water is the healthiest, too. Our alkaline water gives you all of the health benefits that people associate with this water. Additionally, reverse osmosis purified water is as pure as if you dipped your cup into a water spring. Only the highest quality waters are good enough for our clients. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you and your employees will have the highest quality water.

A water’s quality isn’t just judged by the water itself – the container it’s presented in can have an impact on its quality as well. For example, we use BPA free bottles. BPA has been associated with many negative health effects. To make sure that your water is as healthy as possible, we offer BPA free bottles as well as glass bottles. That way, your water is transported in only the safest of containers. Moreover, these bottles come in three to five-gallon sizes, so they’ll be significant amounts of water, too. You won’t have to keep sending in for more. By that same token, our professionals can handle the water bottles for you. This ensures that you don’t have to struggle to put together the water dispenser yourself or use the time of any other employees at your office. You focus on the job; we can focus on your water.

That being said, water should be the main point of focus for every employer. When your employees have access to the best water, it can help them to work even better. All you have to do is to pick which kind of water you want your employees to use, then pick the container you want us to bring it to you in. The last step is just to pick how often we’ll deliver this water to you. The process can be set up by calling us at (213) 427-0320 or heading to our site.

For too long, the phrase “vending machine” has been synonymous with “unhealthy living.” When most people hear “vending machine,” they think of potato chips, cheese puffs, candy and a variety of foods that may taste good but really aren’t good for you. Or, if they’re thinking of a beverage vending machine, it’s one that dispenses sugary sodas or sugary energy drinks or perhaps even some kind of sugary coffee drink. We’re here to take the vending machine back. Vending machines can have healthy options. In this blog, we’ll lay out the vending machines that our water store in Los Angeles offers. We’ll also cover the other ways to get our water.

Vending Machines from Our Water Store in Los Angeles

Everyone is busy. Whether you’re working all the time or trying to find that balance between going to work and spending time with family and friends, time management is crucial. No one feels like they have enough time in the day, certainly not in southern California. That’s why we want to make getting water as easy and convenient as possible. So, our water vending machines have great, healthy and pure water available 24/7/365. They don’t take days off. These vending machines work on holidays, weekends, nights, early in the morning – when you need great water, they have it to offer you. Our vending machines, for many of our customers, are the most convenient way to get great water.

The Purest Water

The water in our vending machines is our purified water and our alkaline water. Some vending machines have one and not the other, but many have both. However, we feel our customers deserve the purest water possible. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure that they get the right water. So, we sanitize our vending machines every week. State law requires that vending machines be sanitized once a month. That just didn’t feel right to us. We‘re committed to offering the cleanest water. We take that seriously, and so once a week, we sanitize our vending machines. Beyond that, we test the water weekly, too. When you use our vending machines, you can rest assured the water is pure.

water store los angeles Cleaning and Sanitization Process

When we say “we clean and sanitize our vending machines,” it’s important to note that this is an involved, intricate process. This isn’t just we send someone with a paper towel to wipe down the vending machine and call it a day. No, we send a trained professional to the vending machine with an assortment of tools. They begin the process by sanitizing the interior filling area. They clean the nozzles, drains, and trays completely. Only after having done all of that, our trained professionals then move to clean the doors as well. Once the doors are spotless, it’s time to tackle all of the outer parts: the buttons, levers, and surfaces. Of course, we don’t leave until it’s right: so we rinse it and test it. Then and only then do we consider a vending machine cleaned and sanitized.

Vending Machine Technology

In the old days of vending machines, customers could only pay with cash. So, you either had to have a bunch of change on your person or you had to have crisp, straight dollar bills. Indeed, vending machines were so sensitive; people would spend copious amounts of time having to straighten out dollar bills that had been in their wallets or pockets just to pay for what they wanted. We make sure there’s none of that foolishness with our vending machines. Here, our vending machines take credit card. You can pay how you’d like. That means you can pay with American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. You don’t have to pay with cash and waste all of that time.

We have vending machines all over the city, so you can find near your home or office to give you the water that you need. There are many different size options available at our vending machines. So, you can get the purified water in the gallon, three gallon or five-gallon amounts. That way, you can get all of the water you need in one trip instead of having to keep going back. We have our vending machines in many locations, but we’re always looking to add more. To find a vending machine, you can use our app to locate them.

Of course, all of that being said, our vending machines aren’t the only way to get our delicious water. In fact, you can always avail yourself of our water delivery service. We can bring the purest, freshest water to your office or home on a consistent basis. You can have the best water there whenever you want however you want. To set it up, just head to our site or give us a call.