Having access to safe drinking water is essential for all of us, and even in a city like Los Angeles that can’t always be 100% guaranteed when using the taps at home or at work. As a result of this reality, more and more people are opting for bottled water delivered to both their homes and their workplaces across the region. Filtered water delivery solves one problem, but if you are receiving these deliveries in the form of plastic bottles, then you are unfortunately participating in another huge problem that the world is facing, the issue of plastic usage. Thankfully, Urban Oasis has a solution to this quandary, glass bottled water delivery! Without further ado, here are some of the key reasons why you should consider switching to glass bottled water delivery.

Glass Bottled Water Delivery Means Reduced Plastic Usage

We all need to make an effort to use less plastic in our lives and switching to glass bottles is a simple way to do this. Of course, plastic can be reusable, but glass is a much sturdier replacement that can also be much easier cleaned to keep your water as bacteria-free as possible. Think about how much single-use plastic you come into contact with every single day. It’s probably more than you would like in an ideal world, so if you can start making small changes like switching to glass bottled water instead, it’s a tiny way to help start making a bigger change.

Glass bottled water delivery    

Cleaner Water

As we mentioned above, you can’t always be assured of the quality of the water that comes out of your tap. There are plenty of gadgets that you can fill your kitchen with in order to filter the water to drinkable standards, but why bother with the extra gadgets when you can get glass bottles delivered directly to your door that is already guaranteed to be the safest and tastiest on the market?

No Chemicals

One of the main problems with plastic water bottles is that they run the risk of emitting chemicals that can leach into the water and make it less than ideal to drink. These are mostly BPAs, but there is a long list of chemicals that you need to be made aware of when it comes to the threat of plastic. Clean glass bottles, in comparison, can be filled with water and left in the fridge for weeks and weeks without any worry that chemicals from the bottle material will start to negatively interact with the contents inside.

So, if you want to learn more about glass bottled water delivery, then don’t hesitate to contact Urban Oasis to get all of the information that you might need. Now is a better time than ever to think about how you are contributing to the ongoing effort to make the planet a greener and more sustainable place for future generations. Urban Oasis is at the forefront of that effort, so join the long list of customers who are doing their bit whilst also making their own lives easier!

It would be fair to say that as a society, we are much more concerned and engaged with being environmentally-friendly than we have ever been before. It doesn’t always feel like you are making a difference when you decide to make certain changes for yourself, but what you need to keep in mind is that every person who makes small adjustments is contributing to a much larger landscape of improvement across the globe. When it comes to your home, you might be familiar with the likes of solar panels and recycling, but what about water systems? Allow us to introduce you to whole house water systems, the green upgrade that you never have never thought of!

  •       A whole house water system is a system that works to treat water at the point where your main water lines enters your home. What this does is ensure that all water flowing from faucets, showerheads, washing machines etc. is completely clean and filtered. Think of the system as a gateway for your faucets that makes sure all you receive is filtered water.
  •       People opt for whole house water systems for a number of different reasons, with some of the most common being concerns around the hardness of your water, to eliminate the strong smell of chlorine, and to remove any sediment that might be present.
  •       Whole house water systems are regarded as being a greener, more efficient way to treat the water in your home because it is installed at the point of entry of your main water line, and that is it. Whilst other problem solving solutions require a number of different gadgets and filters to be installed at lots of different points around the home, this is a one stop solution that meets the problem right at the door and ensures that every drop of water you use to drink, cool, brush and wash is all filtered already.
  •       Options like the under the sink set ups and countertop filters might be less expensive, but collectively they take up more power in your home. With a whole house water system in place, you don’t need to worry about multiple devices and systems taking up valuable space and energy in your home.
  •       Another green benefit of a whole house water system is that clean, filtered water coming through your faucets means you will no longer have to contribute to the harmful culture of single use plastic bottles to guarantee safe water for yourself and your family. Less waste created by you personally, and a small part played in winning the time sensitive war against plastic!

So, if you want to further explore your options for whole water systems and what might be suitable for your property, then don’t hesitate to head over to the Urban Oasis website where you can learn much more about them, and start making plans for appointments and home improvements later down the line. The more green we can all be, the better our future prospects become!

When it comes to being a forward thinking and responsible business owner, one of the things that takes up a lot of your thinking time on a daily basis is probably all of the various ways that you can keep improving the quality of experience, both for your customers, for your staff and for you as an individual. Something that all businesses need to be able to provide, if not for their customers then certainly for their workers, is access to clean drinking water, and depending on where you live this can be achieved in a variety of different ways. In most regions nowadays, water straight from the tap can be seen as a perfectly acceptable source of healthy drinking water, but there are those who still want to steer clear and look for alternatives in the form of a water vending machine. This begs the question, then, is water from vending machines actually cleaner than normal tap water?

The answer to this question isn’t a simple one, because it depends entirely on where you are and what your circumstances are.

  •   In the majority of states, city tap water has to be clean enough to meet federal standards of quality. This means that regardless of any kind of unusual or ‘weird’ taste, this water is always going to be medically safe and healthy for you to drink right out of the faucet compared to any other drinking water store.
  •       The key difference between tap water and a water vending machine is that companies take this water and run it through a filtration system to remove chemicals like chlorine, and this works to improve the taste of the water whilst keeping it equally as safe and healthy.
  •       Vended water is much cheaper by the gallon than individually bottled water, but at the same time it is more expensive than getting water directly from the tap.
  •       Ultimately, if you live in an area with traditionally unsafe tap water, then water from a vending machine is always going to be regarded as the better option for your wellbeing.
  •       Alternatively, if the tap water in your town is of a good standard to start with, vending machine water might not be any ‘cleaner’, but it will have the benefit of being more filtered with things like chlorine removed. This comes down not to a matter of health and safety, but purely a matter of preferring one taste over another. If you have the opinion to use either method and want the water that you drink to taste as pure and filtered as possible, then opting for the water vending machine product is always going to provide that more filtered drinking experience.

So, if you want to learn more about this subject and explore your own drinking water store options, then heading over to the Urban Oasis website is a great place to start. The safer and healthier the water is where you work, the happier everybody involved in the business is going to be.


If you work in a shared office space or any kind of environment where there are lots of people present throughout the course of a day, then it’s fair to assume that you have a kitchen and cafeteria area where workers can take their breaks and enjoy their lunch. One of the stipulations of the vast majority of workplaces is access to clean and hygienic water, and that can be achieved to an even better degree with the help of water purification systems. To help give you a better understanding of the idea, here are some of the best benefits of having a purified water supply at work.

water purification systems


  •       Healthier Work Environment

If you have instant access to a free supply of purified water at work, then you are going to be less likely to buy carbonated, sugary drinks to sip as you go through the day. Drinking too many of these fizzy beverages isn’t good for anyone’s health, and it can lead to sugar crashes over the course of a working day. Switching to purified water and keeping sufficiently hydrated is a much better solution for encouraging focus and productivity while you are at work.

  •       Less Plastic

One of the best benefits of water purification systems is that they allow the opportunity for a workplace to significantly lower their plastic wastage on a daily basis. Think about how many different types of bottled waters and beverages you might have brought into work before and thrown away when empty. If you have an instant source of great quality water already waiting for you at work, then all you need to bring with you is a reusable bottle that will go home with you again at the end of the day. This can be a small but still important contribution to the much wider single-use plastic problem that we are currently facing in the world.

  •       Part of a Global Effort

If you introduce a purified water supply into your own work environment, then you can enjoy the satisfaction of being part of a global effort on two separate fronts. The first is the move to make sure that every single person in the world gets to enjoy the benefits and safety of clean, purified water, and the second is that you are doing your own small part to improve the bioethical condition of the planet. Don’t think of using a reusable bottle at work as just an insignificant change. It might be a small thing for you, but it creates a ripple effect that can lead to much greater change globally.

So, if you are interested in learning more about water purification systems and think they might be of benefit to your own workplace, then please don’t hesitate to explore the process further over at Urban Oasis. Making the decision to opt for water purification can be something that benefits not only your time at your time but also the time of your colleagues and everyone else that uses the workplace on a regular basis.

Not happy with the water utility service in your area? Then you should change to Urban Oasis. We are a bottled whole house water systems provider covering Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Water is essential, we can’t live without it. So, not only access to it but its quality should also concern you. Tap water provided by the local authority is fine for washing up, doing the laundry, or cleaning the car, but have you ever doubted its safety? It’s drinking water that we are talking about. Remember, it’s your health and that of your family or employees that we are talking about.

whole house water systemsRetail Water

For years there has been concern about tap water in Los Angeles, the infrastructure that delivers it, and the actual quality of chemically treated water that people were drinking. Many people opted to buy bottled water and use that instead of their drinking needs. Because of this trend many retail shops opened that sold bottled water and had tanks of treated water which they claimed were tested and safe. Not everyone was convinced.


Before we decided to open our own business we did some extensive research into the retail water market and the claims that were made by those supplying it. We were dismayed to find that in most cases the bottled water was simply tapped water. These brand name retail water stores weren’t applying the tests that they claimed or weren’t changing their filters. Much of the water that we bought and tested did not hold up to the claimed purification standards.

Environmental Concerns

Not only that but these water outlets were ignoring the general public’s environmental concerns too. Plastic trash and pollution are one of the main concerns in the world today and they were ignoring them. By using one-time-use plastic bottles they were adding to the problem. We figured that we could do better and have endeavored to focus our efforts on whole house water systems.

Filling Stations

At Urban Oasis you won’t find cases of bottled water that have been sitting around for maybe weeks. What you will find is a refilling station where you can take your own receptacles and fill them up from our tanks. We strictly avoid single-use containers. If you do need a container, you can buy one in the shop in plastic, steel, or glass, which are intended for reuse. There’s no standard shape, size, or volume, you simply pay for what you take. We test our water daily and change filters regularly. Anyone is welcome to come along and test our claims.

Easy Access

To make it easier to have access to clean drinking water we also deliver, to your residence or to your office or place of business. We have introduced our own purification systems, water dispensers, plus coolers that provide both hot and cold drinking water. Reduce, reuse, and recycle has become our company motto.


So, if you are concerned about contamination in your water supply and the pollution that comes with it, you can seek information about whole house water systems through our website.

Almost everyone carries a water bottle with them throughout their day, and for most people, they are an everyday commodity that they cannot really live without. For the majority of users in LA, the water bottles that they utilize are made from common plastics and may even be one-use plastic. This makes them extremely environmentally unsound, and there are also health concerns about using these types of bottles. In order to avoid this problem, Urban Oasis would always recommend that you instead purchase a stainless steel water bottle from our store and make use of them instead of plastic. There are several good reasons why these steel bottles are ideal.

stainless steel water bottles

Preserving the Environment

It is estimated that thousands of single-use water bottles are discarded each second in the United States. It is an enormous amount of waste, and around 80 percent of that figure is not recycled either before or after use. Around 40 million bottles end up in US landfills each year. This is a very good reason why you should not make use of single-use plastic when you buy water anymore, and why stainless steel and other types of reusable water bottles are the only solution to the environmental damage we are doing to our beautiful natural surroundings. If like an increasing number of Americans, you are concerned about the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills every year, then you can start to do a little bit about it today by taking steps to make use of reusable water bottles.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

Another factor that you need to consider when you are looking at ditching single-use plastic bottles is that they contain something called BPA. This is a compound that is used in the making of particular plastics, including water bottles. They have been shown to affect endocrine systems, including reproductive tissues, and there is also a strong link to some types of cancer. You want to consume as little of this compound as possible, and that means that you need to think about whether you might be contaminating yourself when you drink from a plastic water bottle. Rather than continuing to make use of this material, you should instead turn to other solutions, such as stainless steel or even glass bottles as a long-term solution.

Talk to Us Today

Want to learn more about how to protect yourself and the environment by abandoning the use of single-use plastics, and instead of purchasing one of the stainless steel water bottles available from Urban Oasis today. We can help you to make use of our high-quality products to keep your drink cool during the summer, or even warm in the winter, and ensure that you always have a refreshing, healthy drink by your side. To find out more about how we can offer you better quality drinking water, and to discover the steps we have taken to remove contaminants from our water supply and drinking bottles, talk to our team today by calling (213) 427-0320 now.


The water in Los Angeles is notoriously poor, with regular sources of contaminants. It is extremely common for people in Los Angeles to choose to make use of bottled water, rather than risk drinking it from the tap. If you want to find out more about how to ensure that you always get fresh, high-quality water, you should drop into our purified water store in Los Angeles and speak to the people there. Urban Oasis has made it our mission to provide the people of LA with water that is safer for them to drink and to ensure that they do not have to have any concerns about contaminated tap water.

water store in Los Angeles

Why Water in LA Is So Bad

There are three main sources of water that supply the taps in Los Angeles. The Northern California and Colorado River, Owens River and existing groundwater are all there to provide more than 400 million gallons of drinking water into the city. The belief among many residents of LA is that this water is completely unsafe to drink and that its source is contaminated. This is because there are known pesticides and other pollutants in the rivers named above, causing damage to the environment and potentially being present in tap water which is taken from their sources. At various times in the past, there have been suggestions that drinking tap water is linked to increased levels of cancer and other health problems. For this reason, many people choose to opt for a different solution, choosing bottled water from purified sources.

Choosing Purified Water

When you talk to the team at our store, you will learn how we can help you to get the absolute best water available by purifying it through a variety of different filters. Our teams produce water that is purified of contaminants but still has necessary minerals, giving it a clean, fresh taste. You need to find a way to store water that is clean and free from impurities, and that will allow you to feel as though you are drinking from a natural stream. We can help you to find water that will meet all of these needs, as well as all of the accessories that you could want to ensure that your water remains fresh and free from plastic and chemical compounds. To find out more about how we can help you, reach out to our teams today.

Talk to Us About Our Fresh Water

If you want to avoid drinking the heavily contaminated water of LA, you should reach out to Urban Oasis and our specialist water store in Los Angeles. We have dedicated ourselves to creating and selling water and accessories that will help you to stay well and keep you free from contamination, as well as water bottles that are more than just single-use plastic. To find out more about how we can provide you with the perfect drinking water, reach out to our teams today by calling (213) a47-0320 now.


Locating quality water is something that becomes more and more important to all of us each day. As much as we all would love to have a safe source come right into our homes, it does not happen for everyone. On top of that, finding a better source in local stores or from delivery services is not always as simple as it should be. You may not know just what you are getting when you buy those bottles of water or jugs, and then there is the question of recycling and what is best for the environment. If you are wondering where can I fill 5-gallon water jugs in the Los Angeles area so you can have the best available for yourself and your family, you want to come to us here at Urban Oasis.

5-gallon water jug

Water Delivery to Your Home

One of the services we can provide for you is home delivery. You can always have top-quality on hand for use when you arrange delivery service with us. Our water is purified and filtered using the best processes so that you know you are getting clean, safe water for all your household or office needs. You can arrange to get water brought to your home on a schedule that suits your needs the best, getting the quantity you desire each time. The ease of our ordering system makes things quick for you to set up online or over the phone so you can start receiving deliveries immediately.

Filling Stations for Jugs

If you already have vessels you want to use so you can fill your own, here at Urban Oasis, we provide you with the ideal spots so you always know the answer to where can I fill 5-gallon water jugs. We offer filling stations in several locations around the Los Angeles area so that you can take advantage of them. We have vending machines available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get water when you want it with ease. You can also come to visit our location in Silver Lake for service. Our retail store can help you with any accessories you may need and provide you with the water you want.

The Best Place to Fill Water Jugs

With so many options available to you, you will never have to worry again about asking where can I fill 5-gallon water jugs in the Los Angeles area again. At Urban Oasis, we have been in business for over seven years. We have served many customers so they can get the water they want for their home or business. You can find out more about our company, our water systems, and where locations are that you can use when you visit our website and read the information provided. You can also call us at (213) 427-0320 to speak with one of our customer service representatives and ask any questions that you may have. We will be glad to assist you and explain our systems so that you can start getting the best water you can.

In Los Angeles, water quality can be one of the biggest concerns for both homeowners and office managers. 2019 saw the publication of a study which showed that there could be a link between tap water and some types of cancer. People still believe that the tap water in LA is simply unfit for consumption, and while it is slowly improving there is still a lot of debate about whether homeowners are right to drink water out of their own taps, or whether they need to buy purified water or install water purification systems in their homes. At Urban Oasis, we believe that it is important for you to choose a water system that will allow you to avoid drinking tap water and purify your beverages.

What Is the Matter with Tap Water?

The truth is that in the water causes of California, there are countless thousands of different types of chemicals. These contaminants often make their way into the water supply to LA homes, and there is little regulation about what the standard should be. Some of the chemicals are not on contaminant lists, while others are but are simply not removed from the water. Contaminants including arsenic, found naturally in the watercourse and radon, which are less common, can both cause serious health issues for people drinking tap water in LA. If you are concerned about the possibility that you are consuming toxins, then you might decide that you need a better supply of water in your home. We can offer you advice about the best way to obtain purified water in LA.

water purification systems

Getting Purified Water from Us

We have become the specialists in water purification for the LA area after being ourselves disappointed in the levels of toxins in the water supply, and also the poor purification management offered by water companies. We consider that you have two main choices: you may either choose to have us fit out a special purification system for your home that will keep your water clean, or you could ask us to deliver specialist bottled water that has been through our own unique purification machines before it is bottled. Not only do we only use pure water, sometimes with added minerals to create an alkaline rich water, but we also avoid using single use plastics and products which may contain further harmful toxins.

Try Our Clear Water for Yourself

If you no longer want to drink water from the tap and understand that most water suppliers in LA are simply filling up bottles from their overworked filters without really purifying the product, then you may benefit from speaking to Urban Oasis. Our high quality water purification systems mean that our water is the purest available in LA, and you can also obtain specialist types of drinking water such as our Alka Lite, which contains purified water with added ionic minerals. If you want to know more about our water supply options, reach out to us by calling (213) 427-0320 now.

When you are looking for a way to improve water quality in your business, one of the best ways to do so is to try to find an alternative source of drinking water that also provides filtered and treated water. The best time of water supply comes not from the standard pipes in California, but from specialized filtered H2O that will still contain some of the natural minerals from the original water source. To find out more about this, and where you can find a suitable drinking water store in LA, you need to reach out to the experts at Urban Oasis and let us show you our amazing range of different water options.

High Quality Drinking Water

We offer our customers the absolute best in quality water. This means that our water is filtered several times to remove impurities which are commonly found in California waters, particularly pollutants and metals from old water pipes. We can also supply you with specialized alkaline water, which is designed to improve your health and give you a sharp, clear taste that makes you realize how unpleasant tasting standard tap water is. Not only can we offer you great quality water, but we can also provide you with a variety of different bottle types, from glass and stainless steel to safe plastics. When you come to visit our store, you can actually try some of our water as well as talking to the team about the drinks that we provide, and what makes our water different from the stuff that you can pull out of the tap at home.

drinking water storeGreat Accessories

Not only do we supply you with water and safe bottles to put it in, but we can also provide you with accessories that will help you to enjoy drinking water at home and in the office. Our vending machines are perfect for office locations, and we can also offer you water pumps, dispensers and hot water coolers. In order to make sure that you enjoy water of the highest quality all year round, you should be reaching out to us whenever you can. We are able to supply you with everything you need from our little store, and you will not have to make do with unhealthy, tainted drinking water from the tap ever again.

Let Us Demonstrate Our Great Water Today

If you have decided that you are no longer going to be content with the poor standard of water which is delivered through ageing metal pipes in Los Angeles, then you need to come to Urban Oasis. Our drinking water store if you to supply you with everything you need, from the water itself to bottles, porcelain crocks and even water pumps. You can come into see us whenever you want to talk about the different options available for your water, both at home and in your business, so take the time to arrange a visit today by calling the team at (213) 427-0320 now.