DIY Filtered Water is the Best Reason to Get Bottled Water Delivery in Los Angeles

    Bottled Water Delivery

    Although every US home is supplied with safe drinking water, some people prefer not to intake water from their faucets. They will drink bottled water not only when out and about but also at home. This isn’t economically sound so there are plenty of ways of getting what is considered purer water. 

    Simple jug filters will do a decent job and are handy to keep in the fridge but they don’t hold much. You can also filter water yourself at home using activated charcoal. 

    Of course, there are some easier ways to make sure that you always have a good supply of healthy drinking water on hand, but let’s take a look at the process of DIY filtered water, followed by the alternative of bottled water delivery in Los Angeles that we think is much simpler!

    How Is Water Filtered?

    Activated charcoal is the key ingredient for the kind of DIY water filtering that we are talking about here. It can be done in a couple of different ways, the first being in powder form (beware, this turns the water black), or in the form of processed charcoal stick. The activated charcoal works in the same way that it does when inside the body, getting to detoxifying and clearing out the toxins that might be present in the water. It will need to sit for several hours before you can be confident that the filtering has taken place.

    Is There An Easier Alternative?

    Filtering your own water is certainly a noble activity and a good environmental effort, but ultimately people’s lives don’t always allow for enough time to do something like that. If you think that you are going to be too busy and active to set the time aside for filtering your own water, then a simple way to get the same benefits without the DIY effort is to opt for water delivery instead.

    All The Benefits Without The Work

    When you opt for filtered water delivery from a reputable company, you are guaranteeing yourself great quality drinking water no matter where you live. In terms of sustainability, the fact that you are ordering refills rather than having to buy brand-new plastic bottles to stock up every time makes a positive difference. If your lifestyle is one that doesn’t necessarily allow for DIY filtered water, then the best thing you can do to receive all of the same benefits without having to do the work is to decide on filtered water delivery instead. It is a guaranteed method for excellent quality water at all times.

    So, if you would prefer to opt for the easier alternative and plump for bottled water delivery in Los Angeles instead, then a good place to begin your inquiries is at Urban Oasis. Browse the website and you will find information about all of the different packages and services that we offer. Feel free to get in touch with a member of the team and they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to being able to help!

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