Help the Environmental Crisis With a Water Filling Station

    Water Filling Station

    You don’t have to be a leading expert in the field to understand that the entire world is currently facing a huge environmental crisis, arguably the biggest environmental crisis that our civilization has ever faced. The thought of this can be very overwhelming for a single individual. You might easily think that the dangers and threats we are faced with are too large for any one person to deal with or make any impact, but if you start to break things down into singular tasks and decisions that we can all make in our lives, it can start to feel a little bit more manageable.  Take a water filling station, for example, we are all familiar with them, but have you considered using one as your own contribution to the ongoing environmental battle? Here is some key information about how you can help the environmental crisis with a water-filling station.

    It Reduces Single Use Plastic

    Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of using a water filling station is that it reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles that are accumulated over the course of a day/week/month/year. Rather than going to a shop and buying a brand new plastic bottled beverage to take to work every day, you can instead invest in a long-lasting reusable bottle and then have the water-filling station be your primary source of hydration throughout the day. This immediately cuts down on the impact that you are having on your own choices.

    Less Plastic = Less Pollution

    In reducing the amount of plastic that you are personally adding to the world, you are making a direct contribution to trying to improve the situation. A water filling station allows you to feel much better about the direct part that you are playing in introducing new plastic waste to landfill and the oceans. Did you know that less than half of the plastic bottles that are used every single day are able to be 100% recycled? This leaves a huge percentage and amount of plastic with nowhere productive or safe to go.

    Water Filling StationHelps You To Be Healthier

    And lastly, from a personal point of view, a change in habits from buying plastic bottles of soda every day to switching to healthy drinking water can have a huge impact on your own health whilst you are doing something to improve the health of the planet! We call it a win-win situation for everybody involved in the equation. Less plastic for the earth to deal with, and fewer unhealthy additives and ingredients for your body to deal with!

    If you think that you can change your habits to include a water filling station, we recommend you browse the Urban Oasis website where you will find all of the information and answers that you need in order to make the best decisions. It’s a huge battle that we are facing, but one small change in everybody’s life at a time can add up to a huge difference in the end!

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