If you are relatively new to the world of water coolers, then it might be fair to assume that you aren’t quite familiar with all of the terms that are used by experts in the industry. When selecting water for your delivery and subsequent water cooler refills, you will likely be offered the choice between alkaline water and purified water. Both are perfectly great choices, but in order to be as knowledgeable around the subject of drinking water as possible, it is really worth knowing what differentiates the two options. With this in mind, here is some information about the differences between alkaline and purified water.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a popular choice because it has the power to neutralize the acidity in the body by increasing the pH level of the water you are drinking. Typically, ‘regular’ drinking water has a pH level of 7.5, whereas the average glass of alkaline water is higher.

There are many health benefits associated with alkaline water, such as a boosted immune system and overall detoxification. It is important to note that despite all of the various benefits that alkaline water promises, it does not automatically mean that it is purified. That depends entirely on where the water has been sourced and can often be a key factor in a person’s decision when choosing between alkaline water or distilled water.

Water Cooler RefillsPurified/Distilled Water

Purified or distilled water is achieved through the process of collecting water vapor through a heating method, which results in leaving behind any harmful contaminants, bacteria, chemical or viruses that might have previously been present in the fluid.

There is no doubt that this water is as safe as you can possibly get, but something that puts a percentage of people off is the fact that whilst the process certainly removes anything bad from the water, it can also remove a degree of the valuable minerals that the water has as well.

As a result, the taste of distilled water can often be described as ‘flat’ compared to alkaline water, choosing between one or the other is very much a matter of personal preference and what you value more in your water. If you want to lower acidic conditions from your body in a simple way, alkaline is probably the way to go, but if safety and freedom from contamination is your primary goal, then distilled water is the choice that is going to offer you the most sanitized form of drinking water that you can possibly have.

No matter whether you want to choose alkaline water or purified water for your water cooler refills, the good news is that Urban Oasis is a company that offers both choices to all customers. All the information that you might need is on our website and a member of our team is always happy to answer any questions that you might have. We are ready and waiting to help you out in any way that we can to ensure a constant and healthy water supply.

It would be fair to say that, compared to fifteen or even ten years ago, every single one of us is much more aware of the individual impact that we have on the environment each day. If we can all start to do better in small ways, it can add up to a big change for the wider world, and one of the ways that is being targeted as a simple lifestyle switch to make the most is the reuse and recycling of water cooler refill bottles. Water cooler refills are hopefully becoming a common part of daily work life for many office workers around the country, and it is so much better for the environment than everyone bringing in their own disposable vessels every day. Here is some more information about the benefits of reusing and recycling water cooler bottles.

It Is A More Sustainable Option Compared To Disposable

Compared to bringing single-use plastic bottles and cups to work every day, reusable water cooler refills are a much more sustainable option. Did you know that, on average, each water cooler bottle can be used up to 50 times before having to be recycled? That provides a stark difference to single-use bottles that end up in landfills after holding just one drink.

You End Up With A Lower Carbon Footprint

Whether you are measuring your environmental impact on an individual basis or as an entire workplace, the result will be the same, and that is a lowering of your carbon footprint. As eco-conscious people, all we can hope to do by ourselves and as groups is make better decisions that don’t harm the environment as much as before, and switching to reusable water cooler refill cups is definitely something that can help.

The Recycled Materials Go Into The Production Of Other Products

After you have got the benefit of the 50 uses of the water cooler cups, they will be recycled and turned into a number of useful products including the likes of dashboards, headlamp lenses, mobile phones, electronic component housing, CDs, DVDs, battery boxes, and traffic lights. As you can see, this is obviously much more productive and useful than sending a ton of single-use bottles to landfills to sit in the ground forever!

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A Guarantee Of Healthy, Safe Drinking Water

Compared to drinking directly from the tap at home or work, using water coolers and their recyclable vessels can guarantee you that the water you are drinking is of a high standard. We aren’t all lucky enough to have good quality drinking water in the places where we work and live, so this is a huge benefit.

If you or your workplace are interested in exploring the further benefits of regular water cooler refills, then don’t hesitate to consult with a reputable company like Urban Oasis. Visit the website for all of the information that you could possibly need on the subject. We look forward to helping you achieve a greener future at home or work.

Many of us have been working on our own from home for a long time during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it might be fair to say that we have all become accustomed to doing things in our ways over the course of a remote working schedule. When you are safe at home, you are obviously free to grab anything you need from the kitchen and not have to worry about where it has been or who has come into contact with it, but that won’t be the same when you are back in the office. The subject of water cooler etiquette and water cooler refills is something that all office workers are thinking about on their return to work. What used to be a place to congregate and chat has suddenly turned into a potential area of transmission! To help ease your worries, here are some ways that companies are employing safe water cooler usage in post-COVID times.

Increase in Hygiene Protocols

It is important to enforce a much stricter set of hygiene protocols around the water cooler when back at work. This will generally involve rules like only one person at a time standing by the cooler, a member of staff stepping in to sanitize the area on a regular basis and requesting that workers bring in their own reusable water bottles to put their drinks in rather than using disposable cups that might be left around the office when they are empty.

Safe Delivery Assurances

When you opt for water cooler delivery in the office, you can be assured that the company delivering to you will be following all of their specified protocols as well. Everything will be wrapped and sealed on arrival so you can be certain that the water has not been tampered with in any way. Again, if you want to be extra careful about things in this post-COVID world, then you can always sanitize everything that you receive before installing it in the office.

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Use A Rota System

One of the biggest concerns with water cooler activity in a post-COVID work environment is the prospect of workers congregating around the area like they used to. To avoid this and avoid the chance of any transmission between colleagues, many offices have set up a kind of rota system to dictate who can go to refill their bottles and when. Of course, if you are dehydrated and desperate then you will obviously be permitted to seek out water but putting a loose rota in place can hopefully manage the traffic around the water cooler and prevent it from becoming a place where lots of workers are together at the same time.

If your office is in need of good-quality water cooler refills, then head over to the Urban Oasis website for all of the information that you might need. We can also help if you want new coolers and regular water delivery. The expert team members are ready and waiting to help you decide exactly what you need.