Water delivery services have always been popular in LA, and were designed to help people who weren’t happy with the quality of water from the tap but were reluctant to buy smaller bottles of water on a day-by-day basis. Many people in Los Angeles still feel the same about the chemically treated water that comes out of their tap, and there are increased campaigns designed to reduce the amount of single-drink bottled water that we use in California. This is where a 5 gallon water jug refill delivery from Urban Oasis is the best of both worlds.

5 gallon water jug refill

Why Buy Big Bottles?

Businesses constantly need to keep an eye on the bottom line, and if they are providing water to their workers, they want to make sure that it is as affordable as possible. They also want to keep their customers happy through the use of environmentally friendly policies within the business. These reasons mean that buying lager bottles for drinking water fountains is the way to go for many companies currently operating in Los Angeles. By making use of these bottles, which can be taken away and refilled again, businesses not only save money on water, but also avoid using single-use bottles and canisters.

Join the Water Revolution like Us

Urban Oasis was founded on the idea that there were not enough reusable water bottle deliveries in LA. Most water sellers were not keeping to environmental ideals, and often the water was not tested or managed well. This meant that there was very little difference between their water and the tap water that people were seeking to avoid. Starting as a little store in 2010, we started to make a difference to people looking for good water. Eventually, we started water purification, and our second store opened in 2014.

Get High Quality Water in Refill Bottles

We aim to keep our customers happy by providing them with high quality water options such as the 5 gallon water jug refill bottle. We can deliver water whenever it is needed, and can also provide you with vending machines or customized water systems for both commercial and residential users. You can even visit our online shop to get more bottles, water dispensers or a host of other accessories. To find out more about the services we can offer you, call us now at (213) 427-0320.

Many residences and companies are resorting to water delivery services in the city for many reasons. First, there is not enough time in the day to battle traffic and heave enough water to sustain employees or the household for more than a few days. It’s a waste of time, gas, and energy to focus on this task. Second, water delivery in Los Angeles is what Urban Oasis does. We make sure each company is supplied with all the water you would need to make it through a few weeks. We offer both purified and alkaline water, and both will be beneficial to your office space. Los Angeles summers can be very hot, which means its best to have enough water on hand to make sure dehydration is an afterthought.

The Difference Between Alkaline and Purified Water

Drinking water in general is heavily recommended by anyone and everyone. However, if you had a choice between Alkaline and purified water, both will be beneficial. Purified water has undergone a steaming process to get rid of germs, bacteria and other chemicals. It will quench your thirst and provide a positive influence for your diet. Alkaline water, on the other hand, helps to improve a person’s acid-base balance and hydration status in their bodies. It has been known to increase pH. Drinking water can help with weight loss and warding off diseases. As for your office space, employees who drink water have a higher level of focus and productivity.

Water Delivery in Los Angeles

Putting Water Back On The Map

Dehydration is one of the top concerns for health, as there is a heavy preference for soft drinks, mixed drinks, and other beverages. Somehow water tends to be forgotten, which is why water delivery in Los Angeles could put everyone on the right track to stay hydrated. With the added convenience of having water delivered, it will leave extra time for production. Opting to drink more water will benefit you and your lifestyle. With all the amazing options of drinking water out there, what’s holding you back?

Contact Urban Oasis

On top of our services for water delivery in Los Angeles, we also offer water dispensers if you are in need of one. Urban Oasis focuses on service and convenience. We find that providing clean water for everyone is beneficial for us and our communities. Contact Urban Oasis by calling (213) 427-0320. We can set you up with the best water delivery plan for your business.