You don’t have to be a leading expert in the field to understand that the entire world is currently facing a huge environmental crisis, arguably the biggest environmental crisis that our civilization has ever faced. The thought of this can be very overwhelming for a single individual. You might easily think that the dangers and threats we are faced with are too large for any one person to deal with or make any impact, but if you start to break things down into singular tasks and decisions that we can all make in our lives, it can start to feel a little bit more manageable.  Take a water filling station, for example, we are all familiar with them, but have you considered using one as your own contribution to the ongoing environmental battle? Here is some key information about how you can help the environmental crisis with a water-filling station.

It Reduces Single Use Plastic

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of using a water filling station is that it reduces the use of single-use plastic bottles that are accumulated over the course of a day/week/month/year. Rather than going to a shop and buying a brand new plastic bottled beverage to take to work every day, you can instead invest in a long-lasting reusable bottle and then have the water-filling station be your primary source of hydration throughout the day. This immediately cuts down on the impact that you are having on your own choices.

Less Plastic = Less Pollution

In reducing the amount of plastic that you are personally adding to the world, you are making a direct contribution to trying to improve the situation. A water filling station allows you to feel much better about the direct part that you are playing in introducing new plastic waste to landfill and the oceans. Did you know that less than half of the plastic bottles that are used every single day are able to be 100% recycled? This leaves a huge percentage and amount of plastic with nowhere productive or safe to go.

Water Filling StationHelps You To Be Healthier

And lastly, from a personal point of view, a change in habits from buying plastic bottles of soda every day to switching to healthy drinking water can have a huge impact on your own health whilst you are doing something to improve the health of the planet! We call it a win-win situation for everybody involved in the equation. Less plastic for the earth to deal with, and fewer unhealthy additives and ingredients for your body to deal with!

If you think that you can change your habits to include a water filling station, we recommend you browse the Urban Oasis website where you will find all of the information and answers that you need in order to make the best decisions. It’s a huge battle that we are facing, but one small change in everybody’s life at a time can add up to a huge difference in the end!

Unfortunately, some communities do not have immediate access to a safe and hygienic water supply, but thankfully there are a number of ways that this problem can be tackled on a ground-level basis. One of these solutions comes in the form of a water refilling station. Water refilling stations are facilities that are managed by private companies and entrepreneurs, intended to offer a convenient and cheaper solution to the drinking water needs than single purchases of bottled water or use of household water filters. With this in mind, here are some of the biggest benefits of a water refilling station, both for individuals and the wider community.

water refilling station

  •       Fights Single-Use Plastic

Water refilling stations are one of the leading soldiers against the overuse of plastic for water needs. If you have easy access to fresh water, then you don’t have to rely on buying countless bottles of water that are made of plastic and only serve their single purpose to be thrown away afterward, creating more need for landfill or waste disposal facilities. These stations not only bring you a better quality of purified water, but they also help make a small but important dent in the plastic problem that the world currently has.

  •       Fewer Contaminants

Even water that looks and tastes completely ‘clean’ can have a number of contaminants in it that you don’t necessarily feel the effects of until much, much later. Drinking the purified stuff from an installed water station is a simple way to get access to drinking water that you know is definitely going to be of better, safer quality.

  •       Save Money

On both a personal and community, the presence of a water refilling station means that you get to save money that you can then spend on other things that might help to improve your life. Think about how much you might spend on bottled water per month, and then add that cost back into your bank. That extra cash can be helpful in so many ways, and all you need to do is use some refillable bottles to keep getting your drinking water from this equally reusable source.

  •       Promotes Better Health

If good quality water is available at no extra cost to you, then it might encourage you to think twice about buying things like sugary, carbonated drinks. These drinks are fine for a treat every now and then, but the more you can switch out these fizzy drinks for plain water, the healthier your diet is going to be. Good water and good hydration are the keystones to living a better and healthier life at the end of the day.

So, if you are interested in exploring further the benefits of a water refilling station, then a great place to start is by visiting the Urban Oasis website where you will find a much greater wealth of information. The benefits already mentioned are just some of many, and you will discover and more advantages the deeper you delve into the topic.

Office workers need to stay dehydrated throughout the day in order to function properly at their jobs. Evidence has shown that people who do not have enough water to drink are more irritable, less able to concentrate and more likely to make mistakes or simply slack off during working hours. Drinks like coffee or cola are not able to resolve this dehydration, and this is why it is important for you to have a fresh water refilling station available to your staff. At Urban Oasis, we believe that it is simply essential for you to be able to provide your teams with water, and that by doing so you could easily boost morale and increase productivity.

Why Dehydration Is Bad for The Office

We have seen above the symptoms of dehydration on your staff members. In particular being irritable or drinking too much coffee can result in your workers becoming annoyed with each other. There may be quarrels and arguments about the amount of work being done, or about mistakes that have been made during the day. These office tensions tend to make your workplace uncomfortable, and somewhere that your staff do not enjoy being. If you want to avoid this type of situation where people are regularly falling out over nothing, or are simply not doing their job well enough, then you may be able to bring the situation background by fitting out water stations for your staff. This is a much better option than morale boosting training sessions for example or adding more sugary pop to the vending machines.

water refilling station

Giving Your Employees More Choice

One reason that choosing to have water stations in your office building can boost morale is by giving your employees a choice. Los Angeles regularly sees people on health kicks, either trying to lose weight or boost their muscle mass, and most often those on these types of journeys choose to reduce their caffeine intake and drink more water. By making a filling station available in your office space, you can give these people another option, encouraging them to be healthier and also making sure that they do not have to refill their water bottles from other locations. These filling stations can be a unique way to make your employees feel as though they are able to make better choices both in their work situation and in their lifestyles.

Talk to Us About Our Water Stations

If you are interested in finding a way to boost morale in your office and reduce periods of irritability or low production, then we would like to suggest a water refilling station is the perfect solution. To find out more about how Urban Oasis can provide you with the tools you need to create a unique station to allow people to rehydrate, you should reach out to us and discuss our water supply systems and healthy drink options. There is amazing variety to the types of water that you can order, so start discussing it with our team today by calling (213) 427-0320 now.