If we all really take a moment to think about it, it’s more than likely that we can all admit to being guilty when it comes to our habits regarding water and unrecyclable plastic bottles. All of the times that a quick drink has been bought at a gas station or a bottle has been grabbed in the supermarket, the chances are that that plastic bottle isn’t one that can be 100% recycled. Inevitably, what this means is that we are all contributing in small ways to the massive amounts of permanent plastic that have nowhere to go other than landfill or the ocean. And there’s also a matter of personal health to consider. There is a better way that helps you and the environment at the same time. It is making the commitment to visiting water stores for a more sustainable, refillable experience. Here are some of the best benefits of regular visits to a water store in Los Angeles.

It Is Better For The Environment

As we have alluded to above, the clear big benefit of using a water station is the fact that you are reducing your own part in the plastic problem that the world is currently facing. Did you know that almost 12 billion dollars are spent on soft drinks in the United States every year? And with these soft drinks usually comes a plastic bottle that cannot be 100% recycled. If you can get out of the habit of grabbing a new bottle every time you need a drink, you can make such an impact on a personal level.

It Saves You Money In The Long Run

And away from the environmental concerns, there is the simple fact that using a water station is going to be a more inexpensive option for you in the long run compared to buying individual bottles of branded soda and water to consume at home and on the go. The sales of bottled water alone add up to more than 1 billion dollars annually, which seems crazy when there are alternatives for getting the very same drink elsewhere.

Water Store in Los AngelesIt Can Improve Your Health

If you make the commitment to switching to reusable water sources for reasons of the environment and cost, another great benefit that comes as a natural side effect of that is experiencing improvements in your health. Cutting out sugary sodas and additive-filled energy drinks and focusing more on water instead is always going to have a positive impact on your body, and people usually report feeling more energized and even seeing a slight weight loss from cutting out the artificial flavors and sticking to healthy drinking water instead.

If you are interested in changing your own habits and visiting a water store in Los Angeles, a good place to begin your education is the Urban Oasis website. There, you will be able to find out lots of essential information about the effort to become more ethically and environmentally sensible with your water consumption in Los Angeles and beyond.

The water in Los Angeles is notoriously poor, with regular sources of contaminants. It is extremely common for people in Los Angeles to choose to make use of bottled water, rather than risk drinking it from the tap. If you want to find out more about how to ensure that you always get fresh, high-quality water, you should drop into our purified water store in Los Angeles and speak to the people there. Urban Oasis has made it our mission to provide the people of LA with water that is safer for them to drink and to ensure that they do not have to have any concerns about contaminated tap water.

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Why Water in LA Is So Bad

There are three main sources of water that supply the taps in Los Angeles. The Northern California and Colorado River, Owens River and existing groundwater are all there to provide more than 400 million gallons of drinking water into the city. The belief among many residents of LA is that this water is completely unsafe to drink and that its source is contaminated. This is because there are known pesticides and other pollutants in the rivers named above, causing damage to the environment and potentially being present in tap water which is taken from their sources. At various times in the past, there have been suggestions that drinking tap water is linked to increased levels of cancer and other health problems. For this reason, many people choose to opt for a different solution, choosing bottled water from purified sources.

Choosing Purified Water

When you talk to the team at our store, you will learn how we can help you to get the absolute best water available by purifying it through a variety of different filters. Our teams produce water that is purified of contaminants but still has necessary minerals, giving it a clean, fresh taste. You need to find a way to store water that is clean and free from impurities, and that will allow you to feel as though you are drinking from a natural stream. We can help you to find water that will meet all of these needs, as well as all of the accessories that you could want to ensure that your water remains fresh and free from plastic and chemical compounds. To find out more about how we can help you, reach out to our teams today.

Talk to Us About Our Fresh Water

If you want to avoid drinking the heavily contaminated water of LA, you should reach out to Urban Oasis and our specialist water store in Los Angeles. We have dedicated ourselves to creating and selling water and accessories that will help you to stay well and keep you free from contamination, as well as water bottles that are more than just single-use plastic. To find out more about how we can provide you with the perfect drinking water, reach out to our teams today by calling (213) a47-0320 now.