If you are the owner of a small to medium-sized business right now, then we are sure you are well aware of just how important it can be to optimize every single aspect of the customer experience in order to make as much profit as possible. Any small additions to turnover can really be the difference between being in the red and being in the black from month to month, and something that should not be overlooked in the current business landscape is water vending machines. 

If your business operates on a customer or client-facing model, or even perhaps an office setting instead, then the simple addition of water vending machines to your premises can make a huge impact. You won’t make huge profits but every little contribution is only positive and there are intangible benefits too. Here is some more information about the ways in which water vending machines can boost your primary business.

Employees Save Money And Time

Having the option of a water vending machine within an office environment can add to your own profits whilst at the same time saving the finances and time of your employees. Rather than having to leave the office and go out to seek a bottle of something to drink, and probably spending more cash on the same trip, a water vending machine right there on location can save both money and time. A drinks dispenser can provide a cup of whatever you need, hot or cold, in around 20 seconds, and this is far more preferable to the minimum of five or ten minutes that it might take to get to the closest coffee shop or bodega.

Increased Productivity

The more hydrated a workforce is, the more productive it can be, that is just simple science at this point! And if you follow that path of logic through to its natural conclusion, having a happier hydrated workforce means that more work is going to get done over the course of a day, giving you the best chance of meeting more and more targets.

Happier Customers

For customer-facing situations, it goes without saying that the opportunity for buying a quick drink on-site is going to increase your revenue on a day-to-day basis, but there is also the factor of amenities like this leaving the customer more satisfied with their overall experience. The more satisfied a customer is when visiting, the more likely they are going to be to want to come back, and this will obviously lead to a positive increment to profits over the course of a number of weeks or months. Every little helps when it comes to business!

If you think that water vending machines would make a positive impact on your own business venture, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Urban Oasis for everything that you might need to make this dream become a reality. Our team is ready and waiting to take your call and answer any questions that you might have. We very much look forward to being able to improve your prospects!

We don’t think there is anybody in the world at this point who doesn’t understand how important water and access to drinking water is for human health, and for that reason alone, the installation of a water vending machine in pretty much any location is something that you might want to consider. 

It is an obvious connection but not every healthcare institute follows through on the link between health and water. Any healthcare setting is going to be one that benefits most from a water vending machine including:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • GP offices
  • Dentists
  • Medical Spas 
  • Care homes

Having fresh, chilled water available to staff, patients, and visitors via a vending machine offer numerous benefits: 

The Healthiest Choice

There is absolutely no arguing with the fact that clean drinking water provides the healthiest option for hydration out of all the potential beverages that you could find in a vending machine. Carbonated sodas and sugar-filled fruit juices are certainly tasty and can satisfy a craving, but compared to good old-fashioned water, the health benefits are not even in the same ballpark.

They’re Convenient To Locate

A water vending machine is an easy machine to place anywhere in an office or other space, compared to some more complicated vending machines that are too large or need to be located next to main outlets, etc. 

They Offer Great Convenience For All Users

In an ideal world, everybody would carry a reusable bottle of water around with them in order to maintain their healthy hydration at all times, but we all know that this never proves to be a realistic part of daily life. Having a water vending machine placed in your establishment removes this problem for people. It makes proper hydration a much more convenient and achievable goal for them.

They’re Easy To Maintain

Compared to other types of vending machines, something that water dispensers have going for them is just how easy they are to maintain. There is very little heavy-duty maintenance involved in owning and using a water vending machine, which can give peace of mind to the owner of the machine and make them feel less anxious about having to regularly repair it.

There’s the Potential for an Income Stream

If you choose to charge for the use of your water vending machine, then it can provide a modest but not insignificant boost to your institution’s income. You will want to think about how much you want to charge for this service, as it needs to be a balance of convenience and affordability. Too high and customers won’t be interested. 

If you are interested in the prospect of a water vending machine for a healthcare institution, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Urban Oasis. Browse our website to find out all of the information that you might need in order to make an educated decision, or alternatively, you can contact one of our experienced team members and they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to being of assistance!

A water vending machine is a device you can use in the streets or in buildings to buy water, purified water, or alkaline water. It is a dispensary where you put your bottle under, and you buy your water. You can buy bottles or bring your own. They are easy to use and are increasingly popular in our global-warming world. However, you shouldn’t be buying water from any old machine you see parked outside a store. Here are a few things you should be demanding from your water vending machines. 

They Should Be Regularly Cleaned

This should go without saying, and yet there are plenty of machines off by the dusty road where you can see that flies have been hanging around the nozzles. Companies are supposed to clean their devices regularly, especially the ones located outdoors. You need to use the machines of companies that clean their vending devices regularly.

They Should Accept Cash and Card Payments

It’s getting increasingly strange to have notes or coins or even a wallet with us. Modern cards, credit cards, or checking account cards, should be accepted by water vending machines. They should have a chip and pin version, or at least a swipe version, and if they are advanced enough, then they should accept wireless. No matter how they do it, they should accept a range of payment types to make it easier for the customers.

There Should Be Plenty of Size Options

Modern water vending machines should dispense alkaline water and they should dispense purified water. They should have different options to allow people to buy in 1, 3, or 5-gallon amounts. The machines that only offer small amounts may be fine in places like swimming pools, but in most places, you should be able to pick larger sizes and really fill up your bottles ready for when you need them. 

Purified Water Should Be Pure

The systems used to make water pure should have some scientific backing. The term “Pure” water is not strictly protected. Do a little research and see exactly how the water is made pure and/or made alkaline. If the company is throwing any old water in there, then you should be made aware. Check out the website of the companies who install the machines and see how the water is made pure. If it is up to your standards, then you should try using their machines. 

Water Vending MachineWhich Companies Offer The Best Water Vending Machines?

Currently, the best water vending machine is offered by Urban Oasis. They clean their devices, they offer a full range of water options, and they offer cash and card payments. Get in touch with Urban Oasis to find out where their machines are located and to learn more. Also, check out their website to see how they get things done. See how they sell their services, how they purify their water, and where they operate. You can always tell a good company from one that isn’t, and it is obvious that Urban Oasis is a very professionally run company.

If you are a relative newcomer to the world of water delivery in Los Angeles, then it might be fair to assume that you haven’t quite got your head around all of the different options and varieties that are available for consumption on the current market. When shopping for a business or workplace in particular, you might come across a situation where the choice between a water vending machine and a water cooler is the decision that needs to be made. To help you out on this front, we have put together a little guide on some of the key differences between water vending machines and water coolers!

water vending machines

What Is A Water Cooler?

A water cooler is something that you will definitely recognize as that traditional kind of ‘workplace’ setup that you see on sitcoms for people to stand around and gossip and make jokes.

A water cooler works by having a large tank or bottle of water on a base upside down. The base that it is connected to contains cooling apparatus and there is a small tap for people to grab a small cup and pour themselves out a serving of cold water whenever they need it. Some coolers come with paper cups, others will come with cones – it all depends on which brand you choose.

The benefit of a water cooler is that it is a really simple mechanism that is easy to maintain and is small enough to fit most workplaces.

What Is A Water Vending Machine?

Also known as a water dispenser, a water vending machine is a more advanced option that offers a few more benefits than a simple water cooler.

Rather than being a completely standalone unit that can be placed anywhere, a water vending machine is plumbed directly into the main electrics of your building. Due to the fact that it is mains powered, a WVM can do much more than just provide a cone full of cold drinking water when you want it.

In the cases of the very best WVMs, there will be multiple options including hot water, ambient water and even sparkling water depending on the model that you end up choosing.

In general, if you have a small space where the only concern is access to fresh, cool drinking water, then a water cooler is ideal, but if the demands of the place you are buying it for a slightly more diverse, then perhaps a water vending machine that provides lots more options might be the better choice to keep everybody happy and satisfied!

So, if you want to explore your options for water vending machines in particular, then the best thing to do right now would be to browse the Urban Oasis website. There, you will find all of the information that you could possibly need about everything to do with water delivery in your local area. We very much look forward to being able to improve your water drinking situation either at work or at home!

Access to clean, freshwater is a basic human need. Water is essential for health and there are good reasons why every known health authority on the Eart recommends that adults drink at least eight glasses of water every day. When most people think about having a drink of water, the first thing that probably comes to mind is being at home, and simply being able to head over to the fridge for a fresh bottle or a pour from a filtered jug. When not at home, it’s more a case of buying a bottle of water. If you are a business or organization with a number of employees, you can address the problem and fulfill their needs with a water vending machine. Machines are more suited to some locations than others so let’s take a look at the top places. 

Manufacturing Facilities With Lots Of Employees

The bigger the office, warehouse, or factory, the more important it is to make sure that employees have access to healthy and safe drinking water. Having vending machines dotted around the building means that you can solve the issue of traffic that might build up around cafeterias and break rooms, and in turn, it can also increase the productivity of the workplace when a refreshing cup of water is only a few steps away.

Office Spaces That Have Multiple Floors And Rooms

If you can make the decision to put a water vending machine on every floor of a multi-story office, it will definitely make for a more productive and happier workforce. Some office workers make bad decisions with regards to their diet simply because their desks are too far away from the cafeteria etc. to want to make an effort, but if they have water within reach, they might just decide to choose a cup of fresh stuff over a sugary soda or energy drink.

water vending machineHospitals and Health Facilities 

Large city hospitals are buildings that never close, but for obvious reasons there might not be a member of staff on hand at all times of the night to give full attention to every issue. Equally, the kiosks and shops that are found in most hospitals might not run the same opening hours as the clinical parts of the building. If someone is looking for a drink at 4am when visiting a loved one, or perhaps there’s someone in the ER with thirst and no kiosk open, the best thing to do is rely on a water vending machine to provide the refreshment they’re looking for. These machines don’t have to be manned by a member of staff, which makes them ideal for a busy, 24/7 building.

If you are connected to one of the locations mentioned and you are interested in exploring options for a brand new water vending machine, then head over to the Urban Oasis website for full details and information about everything you could possibly need to know. If your type of facility isn’t on the list, don’t worry. Our machines are suitable for practically any location.

Regular hydration is a basic human need and necessity. It is recognized as such with the Water Law in the USA that states that every employer must provide drinking water to employees that meet OSHA standards.

Water is essential for health, but it is important for employees to stay hydrated for reasons that are advantageous for business. Regular hydration is known to increase concentration and productivity and reduce downtime. Most businesses are also striving to be more responsible and eco-conscious and some of the options for water provision can help in the fight against plastic pollution.

Employers have a number of choices for providing employees with water. Two of the most popular solutions are a water cooler and a vending machine. To make an informed choice of which is best for your business, you need to understand the two.

The Differences Between A Water Cooler And Vending Machine

What Is A Water Cooler?

A water cooler is the traditional kind of drinking machine that is instantly recognizable. You see it in the workplace and also in TV shows and movies. It is also a magnet for humor with water cooler moments providing plenty of jokes and laughs.

How it works is that a large plastic tank/bottle of still water sits on top of a base. The base unit contains the cooling apparatus and has a tap by which the water is delivered. Some have more than one tap, one delivery room temperature water, the other provides cooled water. Some coolers come with cups others with cones. These can be provided by your water supplier, or a business can source their own.

It’s a very simple mechanism. You press on a faucet until you have the amount of water you need.

You can set up a recurring order with a water delivery company in Los Angeles who will supply the quantity of new full bottles and take away empty bottles as per the schedule you set.

What Is A Water Vending Machine?

Also known as a water dispenser and abbreviated to WVM, this is a machine that offers a much more advanced solution for fresh drinking water than a cooler.

Rather than being a standalone unit like the traditional water cooler, a WVM is plumbed directly into the mains in your building. Being mains powered and plumbed in means that the WVM can do so much more than just deliver cool drinking water on demand.

In the best WVM’s, there will be options for the usual cold water, but also extra options for hot water, ambient water and even sparkling water depending on the model that you choose. Overall, the experts believe that a vending machine is a more innovative and stylish option than a water cooler, but the decision of choosing between the two will definitely come down to your individual circumstances.

Choosing between a Water Cooler and Vending Machine

Which water dispenser is the best option for your business? It comes down to some key facts about your budget and your environment. If you want to achieve a means of healthy drinking water on a minimal budget, then a traditional water cooler might be the better option.

When it comes to plumbed in water dispensers/systems, they tend to be the better solution for places with a higher volume of people and larger premises. The high tech nature makes it a more expensive option, but the advantages outweigh the cost premium. It can replace the system used for hot and cold water in any catering or dining room facilities you provide for your employees.

There is also no reason why – if you have large premises such as a warehouse – that you cannot combine both. Have a dispensing system in the main break area/dining room and have water coolers dotted around where numbers of staff work together.

Call Urban Oasis to Discuss The Options

Urban Oasis provides water to the LA area. They can provide a solution for all size of business. Take a look at the website for more information about a water vending machine or give them a call for help on which delivery system is best for your business and also about the types of water that can be supplied. Stay on the right side of the law and keep your employees hydrated and productive with fresh water 24/7.

If you are a shop owner of any kind, then one of your everyday concerns is inevitably going to be thinking of ways to make your customers more agreeable and comfortable whenever they are spending time on your premises. Whether you run a food shop, a shoe store, a garage or literally any other kind of business that involves face to face in store customer interaction, you want to make sure that you meet some of the basic needs of people who are out and about away from home. It might seem simple, but one of the most basic needs is water, and although it is basic, it is incredibly important! With that in mind, here are some of the benefits that a shop owner like you could enjoy if you choose to buy and install a water vending machine for your business.

  •       Keeps Staff Onsite

Having a facility that provides access to fresh drinking water means that your staff will not have to venture outside of the workplace to attain such things. Of course, they have their scheduled breaks and lunch hours, but having a water vending machine within immediate reach eliminates the need for workers to wander about in their allotted hours.

  •       Low Overheads

Rather than having something like a small canteen or staff member hired specifically to help with refreshments, a water vending machine is something that provides hydration for staff and customers without the need to hire somebody to man it. The maintenance is extremely low and the self-serve nature of the machine means that it can be placed at work and left for individual use, rather than having to have a permanent member of staff working with it. 

  •       Health Benefits

There is also the obvious benefit of a water vending machine on site being able to promote better health and hydration among your employees. Water is something that none of us can go without, so having easy and immediate access to it in the workplace is a basic need that needs to be fulfilled by every kind of boss. As the person in charge, you can satisfy all of these requirements with the simple installation of a water vending machine.

  •       Simple To Install

And when we say simple, we really mean it! Compared to other kinds of amenities that can be placed in a workplace and/or store, a machine that dispenses water is one the easiest and most space efficient pieces of equipment that you can have. It won’t make any overt or distracting differences to your business’s aesthetic, and it will provide a service that will make both your staff and your customers happier.

 So, if you are interested in these benefits and want to explore more about water vending machines for yourself, then head to a well trusted and reputable company like Urban Oasis to learn much more. The information here is only the tip of the iceberg, and in no time at all you will be an expert in the field!

If there is one thing that human beings literally cannot go without in life, it is water. Access to fresh drinking water is something that the vast majority of us are privileged to have in this country, but how much do you actually take advantage of that on a daily basis? According to the experts, there is a magic number when it comes to how much water a person needs in order to be in the best health they can possibly. The next time you are thinking about ‘where is the nearest water kiosk near me, keep these facts in mind about how much you should be drinking daily.

  •       The general consensus between experts in the field is that we should be aiming to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every single day. If you don’t know what an 8 ounce glass looks like, it is essentially a full average sized drinking glass that you most likely have in your kitchen cupboard.
  •       This equates to around half a gallon of water, and you can easily remember it by thinking about following an ‘8 by 8’ rule.
  •       The recommended amount does vary slightly between the sexes. On average, women should be aiming to drink around 2.7 liters per day, whilst men need slightly more at 3.7 liters per day. This is down to the genetic makeup and average size difference between men and women.
  •       Your body is constantly losing water throughout the course of a day, most notably through things like sweat and urine, and in order to remain hydrated you need to be active in replenishing that water that you are continuously losing.
  •       There is a level of hydration that comes from eating your daily meals (approximately 20%), but the vast majority of it will come from actively drinking glasses and bottles of water in your home, at your work and in those moments in between. The times when you are out and about with no water bottle in your bag are perfect for doing a quick online search for a ‘water kiosk near me’.
  •       How much water you need to drink on a regular basis can vary depending on things like where you live, what kind of diet you maintain, the weather and overall climate of your environment, how active you are in general, your overall health, and whether you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s not an exact science, but if you follow the general rule of getting at least eight full glasses of water down a day, you will be on the right track for maintaining good hydration and good health.

So, when you have found the nearest ‘water kiosk near me’, now you know exactly how much you should be utilizing it to stay on top of your health. Companies like Urban Oasis are making it more and more possible to get access to clean, fresh drinking water all over the place, and the more water that is available to people, the healthier and happier we will all be going forward.


Water should always be readily available. At Urban Oasis LA, we know you always want to get your water in a convenient way, which is why we’ve set up two very convenient ways in which we can get water to you. Of course, you can always request water delivery, but today we are here to discuss our water vending machines in Los Angeles.

water vending machines

Water Vending Machines

No one buys individual water bottles anymore. It’s not practical, nor is it environmentally friendly. Not to mention you can save a lot more money by buying water by the gallon and reusing a few large plastic or glass jugs. Then, you can either have water bottles delivered to your home on a regular basis or refill them at one of our conveniently located 24-hour water vending machines.

Step One: Locate the Nearest Vending Machine

If you’re heading out to get water, you probably don’t want to drive too far. It’s water, after all, it should be convenient for you to get it. Well, we at Urban Oasis LA want to make sure that there are water vending machines all around the city. While we get there, there are two readily available for your use 24/7. You can find our Silver Lake / Atwater Village vending machine at 2324 Fletcher Drive and our Gardena one at 15435 S Western Avenue.

Step Two: Fill Up Your Water Gallon Bottle

Now that you know where you should be going, it will be time to get your water bottle. Our water vending machines have different size options for your convenience. These dispense alkaline water, as well as purified water, in one, three, or five-gallon amounts. You can feel any size bottle up to five gallons, whether these are glass or plastic. Once you’ve chosen how much water you want, you can make use of our convenient card and cash payment station.

Step Three: Enjoy!

Now that you’ve made use of one of our water vending machines, you get to enjoy your purified or your alkaline water to your liking, especially knowing the precautions we took to ensure its quality. Our machines are sanitized every week. We first sanitize the interior filling area, thoroughly cleaning the nozzles, trays, and drains. Once we’ve wiped the inner walls and doors, we move to the outer surfaces, which include the buttons and levers. We know this is of particular importance nowadays, so we are very thorough about it. Lastly, we run a test to rinse the machine and confirm that the water is dispensed as intended.

Water Delivery in Los Angeles

Of course, vending machines aren’t the only way in which we can get you water. At Urban Oasis we know and understand this need for clean water, which is why we’ve also established our water delivery system. This affordable, convenient service makes sure you receive jugs with filtered water at your home or office. Just browse our website to look at what we offer and give us a call at (213) 427-0320 to order.