If you live in a high functioning home that boasts the best and most up to date maintenance systems and amenities, then you have probably never had to think about things like your water supply before. However, those who perhaps don’t have the benefit of the most modern possible housing might be interested in the prospect of a whole house water system

You might be thinking, what’s the difference? Why do I need to make such a big change? Well, the answer is that you might be having problems in your home that you don’t even know are connected. Here are some of the classic signs that your home water needs treatment and a system change.

Your Water Has A Distinct Odor

If there is a distinct smell that accompanies your water when you pour it from the tap, then that is a classic sign that something is amiss. For example, if it smells like rotten eggs, then it might have higher than normal levels of hydrogen sulfide. Whilst this isn’t a health issue, it will still lessen the quality of your life because nobody wants to drink rotten egg water!

Your Water Has A Bad, Bitter Taste

Along with smell, if your water has a taste that is metallic, salty, bitter or simply just ‘off’, then it definitely needs to be assessed by a certified water specialist. Perfect quality water is not meant to have any taste other than the clear natural flavor that you are used to.

Your Water Is Cloudy Or Murky

If the water in your glass is anything other than completely clear, then you definitely have a problem. If there is a distinct cloudiness, murkiness or a tinge of color, then it’s a sign that there are contaminants within it. Safe water is always clear to the eye and, as we mentioned above, should have no specific taste.

Your Standing Water Has An Oily Film

If you start to notice a kind of oily film on top of standing water in things like toilets and bathtubs, then it is an indicator that oil or grease are in your water supply. This is often caused by a leaky water main or even an oil-contaminated water table that is near your private well.

house water systemYou Are Experiencing Frequent Stomach Illness

If you or members of your family are frequently experiencing stomach-related illnesses and you can’t quite figure out why it keeps happening, then you might want to turn to your water and have it tested for unwanted bacteria. That could very likely be the cause.

If you are interested in reaping all of the benefits of a new house water system, then feel free to make inquiries at the Urban Oasis website. The Urban Oasis team will be happy to answer any questions that you have about water in your home. We can also provide information about water delivery options should you not wish to invest in a whole house system. We look forward to being able to assist you in making things better!

It would be fair to say that as a society, we are much more concerned and engaged with being environmentally-friendly than we have ever been before. It doesn’t always feel like you are making a difference when you decide to make certain changes for yourself, but what you need to keep in mind is that every person who makes small adjustments is contributing to a much larger landscape of improvement across the globe. When it comes to your home, you might be familiar with the likes of solar panels and recycling, but what about water systems? Allow us to introduce you to whole house water systems, the green upgrade that you never have never thought of!

  •       A whole house water system is a system that works to treat water at the point where your main water lines enters your home. What this does is ensure that all water flowing from faucets, showerheads, washing machines etc. is completely clean and filtered. Think of the system as a gateway for your faucets that makes sure all you receive is filtered water.
  •       People opt for whole house water systems for a number of different reasons, with some of the most common being concerns around the hardness of your water, to eliminate the strong smell of chlorine, and to remove any sediment that might be present.
  •       Whole house water systems are regarded as being a greener, more efficient way to treat the water in your home because it is installed at the point of entry of your main water line, and that is it. Whilst other problem solving solutions require a number of different gadgets and filters to be installed at lots of different points around the home, this is a one stop solution that meets the problem right at the door and ensures that every drop of water you use to drink, cool, brush and wash is all filtered already.
  •       Options like the under the sink set ups and countertop filters might be less expensive, but collectively they take up more power in your home. With a whole house water system in place, you don’t need to worry about multiple devices and systems taking up valuable space and energy in your home.
  •       Another green benefit of a whole house water system is that clean, filtered water coming through your faucets means you will no longer have to contribute to the harmful culture of single use plastic bottles to guarantee safe water for yourself and your family. Less waste created by you personally, and a small part played in winning the time sensitive war against plastic!

So, if you want to further explore your options for whole water systems and what might be suitable for your property, then don’t hesitate to head over to the Urban Oasis website where you can learn much more about them, and start making plans for appointments and home improvements later down the line. The more green we can all be, the better our future prospects become!

Not happy with the water utility service in your area? Then you should change to Urban Oasis. We are a bottled whole house water systems provider covering Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Water is essential, we can’t live without it. So, not only access to it but its quality should also concern you. Tap water provided by the local authority is fine for washing up, doing the laundry, or cleaning the car, but have you ever doubted its safety? It’s drinking water that we are talking about. Remember, it’s your health and that of your family or employees that we are talking about.

whole house water systemsRetail Water

For years there has been concern about tap water in Los Angeles, the infrastructure that delivers it, and the actual quality of chemically treated water that people were drinking. Many people opted to buy bottled water and use that instead of their drinking needs. Because of this trend many retail shops opened that sold bottled water and had tanks of treated water which they claimed were tested and safe. Not everyone was convinced.


Before we decided to open our own business we did some extensive research into the retail water market and the claims that were made by those supplying it. We were dismayed to find that in most cases the bottled water was simply tapped water. These brand name retail water stores weren’t applying the tests that they claimed or weren’t changing their filters. Much of the water that we bought and tested did not hold up to the claimed purification standards.

Environmental Concerns

Not only that but these water outlets were ignoring the general public’s environmental concerns too. Plastic trash and pollution are one of the main concerns in the world today and they were ignoring them. By using one-time-use plastic bottles they were adding to the problem. We figured that we could do better and have endeavored to focus our efforts on whole house water systems.

Filling Stations

At Urban Oasis you won’t find cases of bottled water that have been sitting around for maybe weeks. What you will find is a refilling station where you can take your own receptacles and fill them up from our tanks. We strictly avoid single-use containers. If you do need a container, you can buy one in the shop in plastic, steel, or glass, which are intended for reuse. There’s no standard shape, size, or volume, you simply pay for what you take. We test our water daily and change filters regularly. Anyone is welcome to come along and test our claims.

Easy Access

To make it easier to have access to clean drinking water we also deliver, to your residence or to your office or place of business. We have introduced our own purification systems, water dispensers, plus coolers that provide both hot and cold drinking water. Reduce, reuse, and recycle has become our company motto.


So, if you are concerned about contamination in your water supply and the pollution that comes with it, you can seek information about whole house water systems through our website.

Modern homes have a large number of accessories, from simple water boilers to smart speakers and even doorbell cameras. If you want to update the standard of water in your home, then you might have originally thought of adding a single point water filter to your kitchen. This is surely the best way to get quality water for a single location, but if you have multiple residents who use water throughout the house, then you may be better off considering investing in whole house water systems, which are designed to filter water throughout the property, meaning that all of the H2O used in your house is as pure as possible. Urban Oasis can help you to understand this option.

Why Choose A Whole House Water Filter?

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners choose to install a whole house filtration system for water delivery. The most important point is that they are perhaps concerned about the quality of water which arrives from the state’s water system. This is particularly true in California, where there have been numerous complaints about the poor standard of metal pipes within the system. These metal pipelines have been there for decades and are now corroded and cracked. That means that whenever you turn on your tap at home, you are drawing up water from rusted and decaying pipes that are easily contaminated by pesticides and pollution run-off. You would not want to drink or cook with this water, but you might also now be having second thoughts about bathing in it or using it to clean surfaces. Like many other homeowners in California, you may decide that you want to invest in water filters for your whole house.

whole house water systems

Why Use This Filtration System?

There are plenty of reasons beside the state of L.A.’s pipelines for choosing a whole house filtration system. If you are in a house with a number of residents, perhaps two children, a parent or even other relatives, then water consumption will be higher than average. A single filtration point may not provide you with sufficient water for everyone. You may also want to use filtered water for something other than drinking or boiling for cooking. For example, you may want to make sure that you only bath or shower with filtered water. Water filters are perfect for moving sediments, unpleasant tastes and other contaminants from your water.

Talk to Us About Our Filtration Systems

If you have decided that the best way to provide filtered water for the entire family is to install one of the whole house water systems available in LA, then you should speak to Urban Oasis. We advocate for the use of clean water in homes and offices and will be able to provide you with an excellent water filtration system for your whole home. Simply reach out to us today and ask us for more details of our water supply, from bottled filtered water to alkaline water and a number of drinking accessories. Just call us at (213) 427-0320 now.

You may not think much about the water that comes through your tap or your showers and bathtub, but it is essential for you to know where the water is from and what quality it is. Water today, even water that is filtered through town or municipal systems or comes from a well, can have all kinds of pollutants, allergens, and chemicals in it that can be potentially harmful to you and your family. If you have concerns about the quality of water that you have, now may be the ideal time for you to consider making some changes. Here at Urban Oasis, we can supply you with a new house water system for your home that will provide you with clean, safe water for your family’s use.

house water system

How a Water System Works

Clean water is a must, not just for the health of you and your family, but for the protection of your pipes and appliances. With so many elements and additives in the water now, it can take its toll on your pipes and appliances, causing distribution problems that can lead to expensive repairs for you. When you get a new water system set up for your home, the system filtrates all the water that comes in. Harsh chemicals are removed before they get to you, and odors that can make using the water unappealing are eliminated. All you get is fresh, clean water whenever you want it so that you can drink from the tap, wash your dishes, shower, or give the kids a bath without any health concerns.

Where to Get a Water System

Here at Urban Oasis, we specialize in providing customers with a house water system that can upgrade your home. We offer systems that make uses of the latest advances and technology so that you will get the cleanest water possible for your home. Our systems are made by the top brands, and we have expert, professional technicians that will come to your home and take care of the installation for you so that you have nothing to worry about. Once we are done, you will have great tasting, healthy water to drink and use.

Find Out More about a Water System

If a house water system is something you have been considering for your home, there is no time like the present to explore all your options with us at Urban Oasis. We have been in business for ten years in the Los Angeles area, supplying homes and businesses alike with the water they need most. You can find out more about a home system and the other services we provide when you visit our website and read the information we offer. If you have questions about a system or would like to arrange for an evaluation and consultation about a system, please call us at (213) 427-0320. You can speak with a representative who will answer questions and help arrange everything for you so you can take steps towards getting cleaner, healthier water.

It has been estimated that nearly a fifth of all Americans are being exposed to unsafe water inside their homes. Research which extended between the coasts, from New York City to central California, exposed that more than 60 million people are drinking and using tainted water which is far below the established EPA standards. A combination of hazards in the local environment, poor maintenance of pipe work and other disasters have meant that consuming water from your own tap is now a serious risk. If you consider that your house water system is likely to be using tainted water, then your only real chance of being safe is to make use of specialist bottled water, that takes liquid from streams rather than from local pipelines. Without this care, you can simply be exchanging one source of tainted water for another.

The Causes Of Tainted Water

There are several reasons why your water system may have become contaminated. Perhaps the single biggest source is industrial dumping, which is where companies in your area have simply trashed their waste into local water systems. They may have done something as simple as leave toxic rubbish in an open area outside their factory perimeter, which is in the path of rainwater running down towards streams and lakes from which your water supplier takes their product. There may also be other issues, including farming pollution, where pesticides contaminate water run-off systems. In addition, issues with water plant and pipe systems can also allow contaminants to leach into the water supply. All of these problems can be easily solved, but many companies take over two years to resolve these problems.

Finding A Better Water Supply

If you are joining the many Los Angeles residents who worry that not enough is being done about problems in the water supply, then you may be considering using bottled water. Even the local public health website for LA County says that it is not possible to get rid of all potential contaminants, and so you may want to move to bottled water as soon as possible. You should know that most bottled water is taken from taps around the city, and so you need a water supplier like Urban Oasis, who only use natural spring water and purify it themselves to give you a better quality of water.

Find A Bottled Water Supply Today

If you are looking for high quality bottled water to replace that from your house water system, then Urban Oasis are best solution. We are able to offer you the perfect option when it comes to water supply. You simply choose the water that you need, the size of bottles that you want to have your watering, and the frequency of delivery, and we can supply you with all of your needs. To find out more about our services, and to discuss the needs of bottled water for your family, talk to our team today. You can call us at (213) 427-0320 now.