The Best Reasons To Install a Water Filling Station in Your Company

    water filling station

    Something that we can all agree on is the fact that a happy, comfortable workplace is a productive, enthusiastic workplace, so if you are in the position of being able to make decisions about changes and decisions in your own work setting, then you might want to consider the installing of a water filling station for everybody to use.

    It might not seem like a grand luxury compared to some other, more flashy renovations that could be made, but believe us when we say that having access to safe, free, satisfying water is something that should not be taken for granted by bosses and employees alike. With this in mind, here are some of the best reasons to install a water-filling station in your company.

    It Is Good For Employees Health

    Did you know that a recent study showed that an average of 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated without even realizing it? A lack of hydration leads to things like loss of focus and attention span, which of course will have a negative impact on somebody’s work output. Giving employees access to drinking water where they work is a vital element in improving their health and improving their work as a result.

    It Reduces Plastic And Water Waste

    When there is no filling station available, workers will often resort to picking up a new plastic bottle of water every single day. Two problems can arise from this, the first being that they will sometimes throw away the bottle before they have even finished the water, and the second is that they are adding to the already too large problem of single-use plastic which is one of the biggest environmental issues the world is facing right now. The simple addition of a water station at work can eliminate those two problems in a single decision!

    Easy To Maintain

    Maintenance of a water filling station is super simple, especially when you are in partnership with a cleaning company that includes collecting large containers as part of their service. The cleanliness of the station, while it is being used, should be more or less a communal task shared among workers, with all that is required being wiping of splashes and clearing up of cups!

    Saves Time And Money

    Having free access to drinking water in the workplace will save time and money in the sense that employees won’t be forced to run out to spend cash on things like bottled drinks and coffee. Good for their wallet and even better for the company deadlines when workers aren’t leaving the office!

    If you would like to experience all of the abovementioned benefits of a water filling station in your own workplace, then you will find all of the relevant information that you need to get the ball rolling on the Urban Oasis website. Get in touch with one of our experienced team members and they will be more than happy to answer any questions about the process that you might have. We look forward to being of assistance!

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