The Green Upgrade You Never Thought Of! The Whole House Water System

    Whole house water systems

    It would be fair to say that as a society, we are much more concerned and engaged with being environmentally-friendly than we have ever been before. It doesn’t always feel like you are making a difference when you decide to make certain changes for yourself, but what you need to keep in mind is that every person who makes small adjustments is contributing to a much larger landscape of improvement across the globe. When it comes to your home, you might be familiar with the likes of solar panels and recycling, but what about water systems? Allow us to introduce you to whole house water systems, the green upgrade that you never have never thought of!

    •       A whole house water system is a system that works to treat water at the point where your main water lines enters your home. What this does is ensure that all water flowing from faucets, showerheads, washing machines etc. is completely clean and filtered. Think of the system as a gateway for your faucets that makes sure all you receive is filtered water.
    •       People opt for whole house water systems for a number of different reasons, with some of the most common being concerns around the hardness of your water, to eliminate the strong smell of chlorine, and to remove any sediment that might be present.
    •       Whole house water systems are regarded as being a greener, more efficient way to treat the water in your home because it is installed at the point of entry of your main water line, and that is it. Whilst other problem solving solutions require a number of different gadgets and filters to be installed at lots of different points around the home, this is a one stop solution that meets the problem right at the door and ensures that every drop of water you use to drink, cool, brush and wash is all filtered already.
    •       Options like the under the sink set ups and countertop filters might be less expensive, but collectively they take up more power in your home. With a whole house water system in place, you don’t need to worry about multiple devices and systems taking up valuable space and energy in your home.
    •       Another green benefit of a whole house water system is that clean, filtered water coming through your faucets means you will no longer have to contribute to the harmful culture of single use plastic bottles to guarantee safe water for yourself and your family. Less waste created by you personally, and a small part played in winning the time sensitive war against plastic!

    So, if you want to further explore your options for whole water systems and what might be suitable for your property, then don’t hesitate to head over to the Urban Oasis website where you can learn much more about them, and start making plans for appointments and home improvements later down the line. The more green we can all be, the better our future prospects become!

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