The Things You Should Demand From a Water Vending Machine

    Water Vending Machine

    A water vending machine is a device you can use in the streets or in buildings to buy water, purified water, or alkaline water. It is a dispensary where you put your bottle under, and you buy your water. You can buy bottles or bring your own. They are easy to use and are increasingly popular in our global-warming world. However, you shouldn’t be buying water from any old machine you see parked outside a store. Here are a few things you should be demanding from your water vending machines. 

    They Should Be Regularly Cleaned

    This should go without saying, and yet there are plenty of machines off by the dusty road where you can see that flies have been hanging around the nozzles. Companies are supposed to clean their devices regularly, especially the ones located outdoors. You need to use the machines of companies that clean their vending devices regularly.

    They Should Accept Cash and Card Payments

    It’s getting increasingly strange to have notes or coins or even a wallet with us. Modern cards, credit cards, or checking account cards, should be accepted by water vending machines. They should have a chip and pin version, or at least a swipe version, and if they are advanced enough, then they should accept wireless. No matter how they do it, they should accept a range of payment types to make it easier for the customers.

    There Should Be Plenty of Size Options

    Modern water vending machines should dispense alkaline water and they should dispense purified water. They should have different options to allow people to buy in 1, 3, or 5-gallon amounts. The machines that only offer small amounts may be fine in places like swimming pools, but in most places, you should be able to pick larger sizes and really fill up your bottles ready for when you need them. 

    Purified Water Should Be Pure

    The systems used to make water pure should have some scientific backing. The term “Pure” water is not strictly protected. Do a little research and see exactly how the water is made pure and/or made alkaline. If the company is throwing any old water in there, then you should be made aware. Check out the website of the companies who install the machines and see how the water is made pure. If it is up to your standards, then you should try using their machines. 

    Water Vending MachineWhich Companies Offer The Best Water Vending Machines?

    Currently, the best water vending machine is offered by Urban Oasis. They clean their devices, they offer a full range of water options, and they offer cash and card payments. Get in touch with Urban Oasis to find out where their machines are located and to learn more. Also, check out their website to see how they get things done. See how they sell their services, how they purify their water, and where they operate. You can always tell a good company from one that isn’t, and it is obvious that Urban Oasis is a very professionally run company.

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