Water Softeners and Why You Should Be Using Them

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    Traveling from Eastern Sierra Nevada, Los Angeles receives its water from a clean source, but it’s up for debate the water stays clean by the time it reaches its citizens. While the quality of tap water has continued to rise over the years, our water still contains harsh minerals like calcium and magnesium, among others. When groundwater dissolves rock like limestone or other metals, the remnants travel with the water until it reaches a residence. This typically leads to buildup in pipes, appliances, and corrosion. It even strips your skin of its natural moisture. However by using water softeners, you can cut out a large portion of these minerals to turn your water from “hard water” to “soft water.” After the switch, the differences will become apparent over time.

    How Do Water Softeners Work?

    It’s all in the exchange: the ion exchange. This process can sound lengthy, but really it happens in simple steps. Water softeners use the ion exchange process by removing minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese and replaces them with sodium ions. Simply put, your hard water starts out with the extra minerals, and after adding water softeners to your supply, salt molecules will bond with the harsh minerals and essentially tug them away and will flush out. There is a separate “softening” tank which a homeowner can install that will be the main recipient of the salt solutions, or softeners.

    Water Softeners and Why You Should Be Using Them

    The Benefits of Switching to Soft Water

    By removing the harsh minerals from your water, the quality of the water rises. By this we mean your water would be gentler on your skin. Los Angeles is already dry to begin with, and using harsh water on your skin and hair can only add to that. There’s only so much conditioner and lotion you can use before the water takes its toll. Additionally, when it comes to laundry, soft water will help to preserve the color of your clothes, and the quality. Harsh water has a tendency to fade clothing and add more wear and tear.

    Contact Urban Oasis About Water Softeners and Delivery

    Urban Oasis is a top provider of water softeners and also provides a reliable water delivery service. For more information or inquiries, contact by calling (213) 427-0320. By providing purified water, more Los Angeles citizens are being given access to purified and enhanced drinking water.

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